Price list

Price list


What is included?

When you rent a Free2Move car, you only pay for your driving time. Your lease includes:

1. Fuel

2. Insurance

3. Service and regular cleaning

4. Parking in certain areas

Our smart rates

It doesn’t matter how long you drive, our rates are adjusted automatically to guarantee you the best price. And that’s how it works!

Each ride includes 200km. Each extra kilometer costs 0,19€



Retention (self-caused accident or without notification)€500
Empty tank on the highway / fee-based parking (if a customer parks the car in a non-authorized parking space / underground car park / private parking...)€600
Empty tank€300
Lost key€500
Administration fee€25
Fines-recalculationReal cost
Towing costs€450
Thorough cleaning of the vehicle€200
Repair of vehicle damage Real cost 
Vehicle left unlocked€250
Vehicle parked outside the business area or in a private spot€500
Parking not allowed (for example: on crosswalks)€100
Collections fees for unpaid claims (after 3 reminders)€30
Omission of a problem during the ride€200
Violation of the General Terms and Conditions (for example, smoking, animals, alcohol...)€150
Transfer of the vehicle or access to user account to a third party€500
Other expensesReal cost