How it works

How it works


How do I get started?

Just follow the three steps to your Free2Move car.

Lade die Free2Move Smartphone App herunter.

Download the Free2Move app.

Registriere dich kostenlos mit wenigen Klicks.

Register for free with just a few clicks.

Iss einen Keks während dein Account bestätigt wird...und schon kannst du losfahren!

Eat a cookie while your account is confirmed … and then you can start driving!

Where can I park?

You can park the car in any of our designated Free2Move parking spaces. These are located for example at the parking space at the court, in Frankfurt airport and in Rüsselheim.

It’s not allowed:

  • To finish the journey in a time-limited or subject to fees parking space
  • To finish the journey in a private parking space
  • To finish the journey outside the business area
  • To park in a disabled parking space
  • To park the vehicle in a loading zone or fire service access road

For a stopover, you can of course use any subject to charge or time limited parking spot. Just keep in mind that it will be at your own cost.

Don’t forget to click on “park and retain” in your Free2Move App. As soon as you’re ready to continue you can click on “continue journey”, to unlock the vehicle again.

Parking Rules

PlaceAddressHow to get there
Frankfurt Airport - Carsharing

FRAPORT Terminal 1, Parking Reihe 611, 60549, Frankfurt am Main

GPS Coordinates: 50.050770, 8.567870

At the airport follow these instructions to orientate yourself:
1. drive towards terminal 1 - departure
2. keep to the right and follow the car sharing signs
3. there are parking spaces available in the car park in row 611 (level 6)
You do not need a parking ticket - a sensor is installed on the vehicle.
There is a fee of 5.90€ for the start or end of a rental at Frankfurt Airport.
Frankfurt - Parking house Parkhaus Am Gericht

Klapperfeldstraße 8, 10313 Frankfurt am Main

GPS Coordinates: 50.115683, 8.690786

Once in the car park, you can park the vehicle in any spot on the level 7.
No parking ticket will be needed - the number plate is recognized automatically.
There is no fee for parking here.
Rüsselsheim - Train station

Grundweg 1, Friedrich-Lutzmann-Ring, 65428 Rüsselsheim am Main

GPS Coordinates: 49.989166, 8.411374

Rüsselsheim - Select Hotel

Stahlstraße 2-4, 65428 Rüsselsheim am Main

GPS Coordinates: 49.977084, 8.435974


 StopoverEnd the journey (only within the business area)
F2M parking spaces (car park, airport, etc.)YesYes
Public parking spaces (free of charge, non-time limited)YesYes
Residential parking spacesYesNo
In the parking meter zoneYes, at your own costNo
Parking spaces with parking discYes, follow local regulationsNo
Parivate and paid parking spacesJa, at your own costNo
Time-limited parking spacesyes (within the appropriate hours)No
Private parking spacesYes, follow local regulationsNo

 Start rentalEnd rental
Frankfurt airport area5.90€5.90€
Frankfurt am Main areafree of chargefree of charge
Rüsselsheim areafree of chargefree of charge
Eschborn areafree of chargefree of charge
Riedbeck areafree of chargefree of charge

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