Charges Mobile EN


Retention (self-caused accident or without notification)€500
Empty tank on the highway / fee-based parking (if a customer parks the car in a non-authorized parking space / underground car park / private parking…)€600
Empty tank€300
Lost key€500
Administration fee€25
Fines-recalculationReal cost
Towing costs€450
Thorough cleaning of the vehicle€200
Repair of vehicle damage Real cost 
Vehicle left unlocked€250
Vehicle parked outside the business area or in a private spot€500
Parking not allowed (for example: on crosswalks)€100
Collections fees for unpaid claims (after 3 reminders)€30
Omission of a problem during the ride€200
Violation of the General Terms and Conditions (for example, smoking, animals, alcohol…)€150
Transfer of the vehicle or access to user account to a third party€500
Other expensesReal cost